Introducing a Kepong Lakeside Condominium Priced Below RM500K that Offers Affordable Comfort

Apr 24, 2024

Introducing M Zenya – one of the most exciting new lakefront properties where affordable comfort meets serene surroundings. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Kepong, it’s a rarity to find lake view condos priced below RM500K, making M Zenya a unique offering for budget-conscious buyers seeking tranquillity without sacrificing affordability.

For those in search of an ideal Kepong property that’s not only reasonably priced but also the perfect condominium to call home sweet home, M Zenya’s serviced apartment emerges as a prime choice.

A Lakefront Property for Sale in Kepong that Offers Affordable Serene Living

M Zenya epitomises the essence of affordable luxury through its idyllic lakefront condo setting, offering residents picturesque views and a serene ambience at a price point that is accessible to many.

Located around the centre of Kepong, this remarkable new property development redefines the concept of lakeside living, making it attainable for a broader demographic. With M Zenya’s prices commencing at just from RM420,000, the dream of waking up to the tranquillity of the lake is no longer just a fantasy but a tangible reality for many aspiring homeowners.

This Kepong property for sale promises affordable yet luxurious living spaces that demonstrate its dedication to creating inclusive communities where everyone can enjoy the benefits of lakeside living without compromising on quality or comfort.

A New Condo Project in Kepong with Unmatched Amenities and Lifestyle Convenience

Explore the abundance of amenities and lifestyle stores available at Keponggi Square entertainment piazza, located just a stone’s throw away from this new Kepong property. This bustling retail hub offers residents a diverse array of conveniences and entertainment options, ensuring that every need and desire is met within close proximity to home.

From well-known shopping outlets to boutique stores, residents can indulge in retail therapy or browse for daily essentials without venturing far. For those seeking leisure and entertainment, Keponggi Square provides access to cinemas, fitness centres, and recreational facilities, offering endless opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment.
With its blend of convenience, entertainment, community spirit and the nearby location, Keponggi Square complements the lifestyle offered at M Zenya, enhancing overall living experience and fostering a vibrant community atmosphere.

A Modern Condo Sanctuary in Kepong for Tranquil Seekers

Apart from M Zenya’s meticulously designed interiors, this new condo project development in Kepong boasts an array of exceptional features designed to elevate residents’ quality of life. The landscaped facilities deck and lake view offer a lush and serene environment where residents can unwind and enjoy leisure activities amidst nature.

Additionally, residents can rest assured with M Zenya’s multi-tier security system, providing peace of mind and ensuring a safe and secure living environment for all. For environmentally-conscious individuals, M Zenya provides EV charging stations, supporting sustainable transportation options and reducing carbon emissions.

Furthermore, the automated waste collection system streamlines waste management processes, enhancing cleanliness and efficiency within the development. With these innovative features, this new property for sale in Kepong prioritises residents’ comfort and convenience and demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and modern living standards.

Discover Affordable Lakeside Luxury at the M Zenya New Development in Kepong

For those seeking out the best yet affordable Kepong condominium for sale, the M Zenya stands out as a remarkable residential choice, offering an unparalleled blend of affordability, serene lakeside living, and convenience. With its competitive pricing and luxurious amenities, this affordable yet luxurious property in Kepong provides residents with the opportunity to enjoy a lavish lifestyle without breaking the budget.

Explore the M Zenya new development further and discover the perfect harmony of affordable comfort and tranquil lakeside living in Kepong. Register now and take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to find your dream home.